1 Tomodachi (friend)

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 I took a bus by myself to go "somewhere not here."
 As I get on, the bus takes me to somewhere.
 It is only yesterday here, and my tomorrow is not here. So, I decided, to break through "That" 's surveillance and to go looking for tomorrow myself.
 "That" is a disgusting existence for me.
 "That" binds me to yesterday.
 Monitoring of "That" is tough, I was scared and frightened, I have been under control for a long time. But, thanks to the shining snake, I got the courage.


 Last night, the shining snake whispered to me.
 "To whom is your tomorrow?"
 I know the existence of the shining snake from long ago, I do not know who, but he was Tomodachi for me.
 In the dark, smelly and lonely room monitored by "That", when lighting up, he appears fluffy around luminaires.
 He is a small snake of the earthworm, he shines while flickering in a rainbow color, so I can hardly look in the stare, but he may be only one, sometimes there are more than one, like the one who made him.
 He is always drifting around high, out of reach of me, so I can not touch him.
 But I talked to the shining snake variously. Just because he listens to me, I was saved some mind.
 Although the snake has never talked to me in response.
 The shining snake appeared from time to time, drifted in the air as he flickered, became a listening to my story, and healed me as a lonely by himself.

 But, it was different yesterday.
 The snake was abruptly flickering more and more, and he first uttered a word.
 "Is your tomorrow here?"
 It was a faint whisper, not so much as the sound of a light rain. Still, it was enough for me.
 I thought that something was certainly filled.
 Something that fills in between the snake and me. (Or, on the contrary, something may have bottomed out.)
 The awareness encouraged me and inspired me.
 And I felt like I could not keep still.

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