Grammar study

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I use this to study english.

Grammar study.

But there is one problem.

The basis of study is output.

I want to talk interesting things.

But It is difficult to talk while using grammar.

It is painful to write traivial things in a diary.

Will I be able to write interesting things if I get used to it?

Let's do it for the time being.

It may be difficult that you have to find friends, who speak in English.

Then, you'll chat whatever you like (for instant, animetion, comics, novels and so on) with them in succession.

Kumagusu Minakata said ""If you want to remember languages, you must go to taverns in that country. And you'll listen to idle talk of drunkers carefully. Especially, remember words, which come many times."" 

Anyway, I will make a tavern within the chat novel.

I think that speak with air-friends for a while.

Thank you!

I want friends…….





Judas Mcbain


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