3 Face without eyes, nose and mouth

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 "Hey, a little lady, are you alone?"
 A lady in a seat beside the passageway caught me. Because it is dangerous to speak with people I do not know about, I will not look in the eyes and pretend not to hear.
 "What are you missing?"
 I felt her signature unusually close, as I turned around, her face without eyes, nose and mouth was very close.
 The lady is leaning forward, but her neck is oddly long.
 I swallowed a scream and froze.

 The lady looked at me like licking it ―― because there is no eye, the expression "she looked" is not right, but she was moving her head as if she were looking at it ――And she tilted her long neck in the air.
"Oh no, you seem to be missing anything"
 She said so, pulling her neck with no sound, she whispered to the man who was at the window's seat next to her and was watching the outside.
 The lady is wearing a clean pastel-colored kimono properly, but the man is wearing a wrinkled shabby brown suit.

 When the man turned his body toward me, there were four eyes, two noses and two mouths on his square face.
 The two noses are lined up vertically in the center of the face and forehead, and the two mouths lie side by side in the lower half of the face. The four eyes were two pairs on the top and the bottom, the man spread his four eyes wide, moved them around and observed me.
 I can not move like a body paralyzed.

 "People without missing parts are pathetic."
 The man's right mouth turned down at the corner and said with a hoarse low voice.
 "I am sorry, he did not say it with malice."
 This time the man's left mouth said with the lady's voice, and raised the mouth corner to take a good mood.
 At the same time, the lady waved one hand and then tapped on my shoulder with that hand. Her move fits perfectly with the word that the man's left mouth emits.
 "You will surely find missing parts if you become an adult"
 The man's left mouth said, especially brightly.

 Apparently the man's left mouth is talking instead of the lady.
 Perhaps his extra eyes and nose are so.
 I got an idea.
 Were the eyes and nose and mouth instead of ladies originally owned by the man? Did he take them away from her in the past?
 If my guess is right, it seems to be very similar to "That" and my relationship ("That" 's expectations and demands).

 "Young is a good thing, we envy."
 The left and right mouth said together, the man laughed cunningly with the four eyes bowed.
 The lady is making a smiling wrinkle on her boiled egg-like face.

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