Sunday, February 17th 英単語を効率的に覚える方法

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I can't English word efficently.

but I must learn that.

SO. I will try some way with.

what did you do?

This is it !

I tried Image Search of Google.

I did'nt remember English word for Japanese, remenbered image of those words.

I work up with an image without Japanese English.

Remenber of Japanese English are very inefficientlly.

It is very inefficient to learn English in Japanese.

Because I did learn English to image.

SO I woke up with an image of English.

I see.

But it isn't almighty Google search.

However, Google search is not a panacea.

Please teach me other ways.

Please let me know if there is a better way.

My method

1,You must read novels in English.

2,You get accustomed to write English everyday.

To tell you the truth, I had never been to foreigh country. After all, I don't have my passtort.

It' complex things.

So, I learned Engish in my education.

Thank you!

I'm sorry but I mistake my several spellings at pre-notes.

I was too intoxicated to type right words.




Thanks for the good idea.





Judas Mcbain


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