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Cops, Katagi + JJ
in Bangkok B-ZONE

Screenplay by Yoshimasa Higashi & Chota Takamine (c)2021

*** KATAGI <Giovanness-John Jusaburo> ・The Cop +++++ 
He is The Cop from Tokyo. A man of action. 40 years old. He used to live and study in Bangkok. He enjoys boxing. Single, but self-proclaimed oedipus-complex guy. He has a wide range of knowledge from studies in his school days, which he uses in his work as a detective. He tries to grasp the image of the case by thinking logically, but at the same time, he is not a patience guy. His emotional side, which can be a hindrance to detective work, is a bit sentimental.

***BANGKOK-Central section COP JJ Garcon D. Hawk-Ja +++++
He is 38 years old. He is having his works at Central Police Station. His wife left him and he is now a single. His wife is raising his children. Former An Olympic shooter. He claims himself as a calm and collected man, but..., he is not perfect. He is a mid-level officer in the department.
Parents: Father is from Thailand. Mother was born in LONDON, England. Studied law at Cambridge. He, Garcon and Thomas Stein, the mechanic of the dept. for these ten years & Garcon's senior, get along well in the department.

1 suvarnabhumi international airport -thailand- (outside, daytime)   
 A jet plane lands.

2 Suvarnabhumi Airport Corridor (Inside, Daytime)   
 A Japanese, KATAGI (the detective) is walking down the connecting corridor to the railroad, carrying his luggage.   
 KATAGI stops.
KATAGI: "The message from Bangkok Police was … Take the train to Sukhumvit 43, please...”   
 KATAGI looks around in the corridor.   
 Some instruction boards can be seen in English.
KATAGI: "Area code name, Sukhumvit-B...”

3 Railway ticket gate (inside, daytime)   
 KATAGI enters the ticket gate.

4 Inside the train (daytime)   
 A running train.    
 KATAGI is spacing out looking beyond thru the window.

5 Around STATION Sukhumvit 43 (inside, daytime)   
 There is a "Sukhumvit" sign.   
 KATAGI gets off the train.

6 Sukhumvit 43 (outside, daytime)   
 Blue sky.   
 A government building can be seen on the side of the station.   
 KATAGI is looking at the government building.   
 There is a man selling SATIs at a street sati-vendor-car-shop.   
 KATAGI buys a sati.
KATAGI bites some of the sati while looking at the government building.   
 A shadow approaches KATAGI.   
 A hand taps KATAGI on the shoulder.   
 KATAGI turns around. He was about to have the nex bite.
The man of the tapping hand (JJ Garcon D. Hawk-Jar): "Mr.KATAGI?”
KATAGI: "Yes!”   
 Hawk-Jar (Garcon) shows KATAGI his Bangkok Police LICENCE notes.
 KATAGI, somewhat suspiciously, checks.
KATAGI: "Mr. Garcon Hawk-Jar?  Jacob Joe GARCON Drake Hawk-Ja... RIGHT?”
GARCON: "Yes, I am the Investigator of the Bangkok Police Department. My full name is hornoring my anscestors from my great-grandfather, so it's a kind of long name, so you can call me Garçon. You must be Mr. ・・・Jusaburo Katagi, right? Your picture was attached to an e-mail from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Welcome to Thailand. It's not like that Sherlock Holmes hometown of London, where you're invited to Royal tea, ・・・but Pad-Thai is also fine.It's cool to be a bangkok style guy.”
KATAGI:"You're a hyper person,I feeli.I know this city very well.”
GARCON: "Right, yeah. It is true. Mr. Jo, Josaburo Katagi.”
KATAGI: "That's true. I lived in this city for two years when I was a student. At that time, I was called Giovannes, yes, John.”
GARCON: "Josaburo ... is difficult. Can I call you John too?”

7 Residential area, Garcon's house (outside, daytime)   
 Garcon's car stops in front.   
 KATAGI and GARCON get out of the car.   
 Garçon invites KATAGI to his house.
Garcon: "John, please come in.”

8 Garcon's house (inside, daytime)
Garçon: "I'm going to make some coffee, so why don't you sit at the table and look at some magazines?”
KATAGI: "Thanks.”
 KATAGI sits at the table. There is a photo album on the table.
KATAGI "Can I look at this?”
Garcon: "Oh, the album. It's good. I was seeing it yesterday. Mmm”  
KATAGI opens the album.
Garçon: "Oh, go ahead and listen to Thai music on those hyper-resolution headphones over there" (John uses them)

9 Photo 1: Garcon receiving the gold medal in the Olympic shooting game event.

10 Photo 2: Garcon in police uniform receiving an award from the mayor.

11 Garcon's house (inside, daytime)   
 KATAGI flipping through more albums.    
 One of the photos catches Katagi's eye.

12 Family photo (daytime)
 A garden in Chao Phraya River Park. 
 Garçon, A Woman of late twenties next to him, and A Boy about two years old -between them.

13 Garçon's house (inside)    
 GARCON offers coffee to KATAGI, who is looking at the photos.
Garcon: "There was a time when I dreamed of a happy family.”
KATAGI: "Is she your wife?”
Garcon: "Actually, she left with the kid a few years ago. I haven't seen her for a few years.”
KATAGI: "I beg your pardon.”
Garcon: "It's okay. Don't worry about it.  I've been terribly busy with work...and it's my fault for not being good at expressing my love.  Are You married, John?
KATAGI: "I'm single.”
Garcon: "I saw your profile from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. You seem pretty good at amateur boxing. Do try Muay Thai here. Wanna be a Muay-Thai fighter, right?”   
 KATAGI smiles a bit.
KATAGI: "Actually, I may have a weired personality.....  For a long time, I didn't even realize it,but I may be a mother's boy..” Garcon: "Hahahahahaha! (Big laugh)”   
KATAGI laughs along with GARCON's loud laughter.
Garcon: "John, I'm starting to like you. Then you might be a genius. There're many geniuses mother's boys.John Lennon was too.”

14 Bangkok city (outside, daytime)    
 Crowded streets.

15 In the car driven by Garcon (daytime)    
 KATAGI in the passenger seat talks to GARCON.
 The Bangkok Bay Area is seen from the window.
KATAGI: "So, why in the world did you invite me?”  
(After a bit bit while) GARCON: "There are two reasons. John. John, you studied here in this country before. So, we can communicate with you in a heart-to-heart manner. And...”   
 Garcon takes a photo out of his pocket and shows it to Katagi.
Garcon: "I was wondering if you could tell me what this means.”
 KATAGI looks at the photo.
Garcon: "At first I thought it was Chinese, so I asked the detective of Chinese root, but he said it wasn't.”

16 Murder Scene Photo   
 The scene of the crime. A dead body. Chinese characters in red on the wall...

17 Inside Garcon's car   
 KATAGI is looking at the photos.   
(After a while,) KATAGI: "Oh, this is not Chinese. This is not Chinese. "Tenchu" and "Akunin Shoki".....mmm...
   ...It's Japanese.”
GARCON: (turns to KATAGI) "So what does it mean?”
KATAGI (still staring at the picture): "They are two unrelated words. Even the times of Japanese History... TENCHU means PUNISHED. Yeah,Tenchu is to punish, and Akunin Shoki is .... But it's weird..........Why is this in BANGKOK?”
Garcon: "What do you mean?”
KATAGI: "In 1192AD, the samurai government of KAMAKURA Shogunate was born in Japan. However, the time has moved to the era of the Latter Day of the Law. It was the really-bad time... Akunin- Shoki,.. is the word of Shinran, a founder of a Japanese Buddhist Group. He emerged in that era. The archaeological studies say he got influenced by the Nestorius Christians of the Mongolian Asia.
Garcon: "What does the words mean?”
KATAGI: "Sinner-People Are The Ones Who'll Be Saved."   
Garcon: ・・・(silence)
KATAGI: "His saying is meaning like this・・・ In the eyes of Buddha, who sees everything, who are looking at even the smallest sins, who knows everything about people's lives, all people are sinners.
...But the Buddha promises absolutely to save all such sinner-ones, and bring them to the blessed land. Shinran interpreted Buddhism like that. However,there were ones in Japan who took this wrongly. They did rather evil and bad things..."

Garcon: "I'm not good at philosophy.... But sometimes criminals have their own philosophies. In my thirty years with the Bangkok Police Department,I've seen perverts, junkies, psychoes, and more, but this is the fuckin craziest...”

18 Inside the police station
(At the corner desk, night)   
 There seemed to be no one except Katagi and Garcon.
 On the side, an AI computing robot with a wheel-moving device is bringing tea.
Garcon: "That's an AI robot-assistant made by Thomas Stein, a mechanic / cyber-cop at this station. This robot is taking care of things related to the internet matters and analyzing here.”
KATAGI "Bringing tea too?”
Garcon: "Yes, very nice guy, huh? I don't know much about the structure... (laughs) But the robot-creator, Stein, is an interesting, and genius guy. (laughs) He seems to have studied technology somewhere far away. I heard … he used to work for the Korean police for 10 years developing their IT systems.”
 A light's on near the corner-desk.   
 Garcon is showing Katagi the crime scene pics.
Garcon said, : "Right now, there are four victims.  
Each crime scene was in a completely different location. 
The occupations of the victims were also unrelated.  
It's unlikely that one killer did all.
However, they always leave that same message.
Such as AKUNIN-SHOKI&Tenchu. Each handwriting is different.”
KATAGI looks at the four photos.

19 Photo #1: Red-Hooded black man dead, blowing bubbles from mouth,... might be hit, punched till death.

20 Photo #2: White man in suit - Sword wounded. Lying in his room.
21 Photo #3: A preacher-man - He is lying in an unnatural position with his eyes, open.

22 Photo #4: Asian Fat man, ...Shot dead.

23 Garcon's desk.(Interior)
GARCON: "#1 is on heavy poison … … … Was a Drug dealer.  #2 was a politician. He got killed with a sword.   #3 was a preacher.
#4 ...........a body, shot dead found in Chinatown's garbage. They can't all have been done by the same one person...”
KATAGI: "But all got the same wall message...”
Garcon: "Yes. It could be a group crime.
Do you think this's some political message?”
KATAGI: "TENCHU was the word used by an assassin-group called the Shinsengumi in the end times of the Japanese Samourai Era.  However, it has nothing to do with the word, AKUNIN-SHOKI.”
Garcon: "Can you tell me again about the term 'AKUNIN-SHOKI' ?"
KATAGI: "I only had just a small lecture of it when I was in high. … OK … Well … in the Kamakura period of 1185 to 1333, the time was extremely bad... Many said the end times would come soon to Japan. It is a philosophy to live in such extreme times...”
Garcon said, : "Hmmm. My parents are Puritans. I heard … that in the early Christian church, there was a belief that the world would end soon after the ascension of Jesus Christ."
Katagi: "Mmm. So, during that Kamakura era, in the Latter Day Thought, a new religious thought called Jodo-Shinshu was born.
The founder was Shinran. It is said to be similar to Christianity. He was also said to be influenced by the Nestorian Christians in the ancient China. ”
Garcon, : "WOW"


KATAGI: "Shinran said, … Buddha saves persons who're truly aware of one's human nature as hopeless person. That evil person is the primal purpose of Amida Buddha’s working. ”
Garcon: "Evil people are the ones who should be saved... mmm. Christ also said that he came into the world to save sinners.
KATAGI: "Now, we shouldn't think in too deep... This type of murderer is a self-righteous person who takes only what he likes from religious doctrines and perverts them to justify murder. We just need to arrest them, and throw them in jail.
Garcon: "That's a simple but brilliant motivation. We're not lawyers. Cops should be simple.”
 KATAGI, and Garcon look at each other.
Garcon: "John, I'm really glad you're here. Thanks to your knowledge, we can at least narrow down the organizations that might have some connection.”
 KATAGI pats his own forehead.
KATAGI: "I haven't done anything yet.”
Garcon: "Your brain is needed. We can have the way to the goal with you. Thanks.”
KATAGI "Well, I'm glad.”
Garcon: "Since you're going to be here for a long time, I've already found you an apartment. You should rest now.”  
 Suddenly, there was a big sound of hitting steal! There was a noise. It echoed in the darkness of the hallway.
Garcon and Katagi: "What the hell!”  
 KATAGI, getting his gun in hands.  KATAGI goes out into the corridor with his gun in his arms.

24 Police station, hallway (night)   
 KATAGI holds up a gun. A figure in the darkness.   
 Garcon turns on the hallway light.
 A black man in simple clothes is standing there, illuminated by the light. The black man is raising his hands. His back is towards us (to screen).
KATAGI: "Don't move!”
GARCON: "...Mike?”
KATAGI "Mike?”  
 The black man turns around with his hand raised.
Garcon: "Hey, Mike. You are Mike.”  
 The trash can lies on the floor by Mike's side.
Mike: "It was dark, so I hit this trash can by my foot.”
Garcon: "John, put the gun down.” 
 Katagi puts his gun down.
Garcon: "This man is Mike,... he is our colleague.”
Mike: "Nice to see you... Sorry about this.”
Garcon: "We got this nice man, Katagi from Japan to investigate that case. Do you remember?”
Mike: "Yeah, … Oh, you are. (Looking at Katagi)”
KATAGI "Nice to meet you. I'm John. John KATAGI.”   
 Mike, walking up to KATAGI's side.
Mike: "I'm Mike. Nice to meet you. Welcome to Bangkok from Tokyo.”
Garcon: "But, Mike. Why are you here now? You're off now.”
Mike: "I came to pick up something I forgot.”
Garcon: "I see.”
Mike: "Well,... I'll see you again when I'm on duty. Bye.”   
 Mike leaves.

25 Gym in the police station (next day, noon)
 The gym is fully equipped with rings, sandbags, headgear, and workout equipment.
Several officers are working out, jumping rope, etc.
 Katagi walks in, wearing a T-shirt and jersey pants.
 KATAGI takes his place and begins to stretch.
 KATAGI heads for the punching ball.
 KATAGI hits the punching ball lightly and rhythmically.
The officers say, : "Wow! Nice movement.”
  KATAGI goes to the sandbag and punches into it rhythmically with a combination of hitting. The other police officers look at his amazing movements.
Police Officer A: "That Japanese guy's got great moves.”
Police Officer B: "That's no amateur.”
 Mike is also watching.
 Mike folds his arms and stares at KATAGI.
 KATAGI steps in and out towards the sandbag and punches strongly.
Mike approaches KATAGI, taking off his own shirt slowly.
Mike: "Hey John. You look like Cesar Chavez.”
 KATAGI stops moving and breathes on his shoulder.
KATAGI: "My ideal style is a Mexican boxer.”
Mike: "I heard you got some great records for the policeman's box games in Japan, right?  Garcon said so.”
KATAGI: "I've been asked to go pro. YEAH. Mike. Hello again.”
 Mike, putting on his glove.
Mike: "… … going pro, huh. OK. Get in the ring, LET'S PLAY.”
 The officers say to Mike;
Officer A:"Hey Mike,there's a size difference between you and he.” (Turning to KATAGI) Mike: "Do not come in if you're scared, Kid.”
KATAGI (preparing): "You're gonna regret this, Mike. HAHA!”
The officers, : "Oh my!”
Mike: "John, You can't come to work tomorrow! come on!”
 The two men face each other in the ring.
 In the ring, Katagi starts circling with the steps.
 There is a clear difference in size.
 KATAGI keeps his distance, but Mike extends a long jab.
 KATAGI closes the distance and jabs out. It hits Mike's face.
The cops : "Oh!”
Mike: "Damn!”   
 KATAGI continues jabs at Mike's face,with repeated steps in/out.
Mike "Shit! Shit!”   
Officer B:"John Katagi! He's awesome! He's always winning the department's boxing tournaments in Japan. Yes, Garcon said that.”
Cop C: "Look. John's moves! He's like Bruce Lee!”
Mike: "Damn! Damn! You're like a bee!”
 Mike holds over Katagi's body. KATAGI can't get out of his hands.
Mike starts hitting Katagi's body.
The cops : "That's not good!”
Then Garçon comes in.
Garçon: "You're making a lot of noise... That's John and Mike...!?
Cop C: "That'll be a historical battle in this station! Boss!”
Cop B: "I don't know why, but Mike started to get on John's nerves.”
Garson: "HolyShit”   
 Mike grabs Katagi and continues to punch him in the body.
Mike: "I told you! I told you, You can't come to work tomorrow!”
 KATAGI shakes Mike off at once.
Mike: "...! You bastard! Why don't you behave yourself!”  
 Mike covers KATAGI again. He grabs the t-shirt.   
 KATAGI twists his body with great speed.
Mike: "Whoa!”   
 Mike is blown away. A piece of KATAGI's T-shirt is in his hand.
 The t-shirt is ripped off, exposing KATAGI's upper body. His back muscles are sculpted like a Greek or Roman sculpture.
Police Officer C:"Look. That back. How did he work out like that?”
 Katagi looks down at Mike.
 Mike stands up.
Mike: "I'm not done with you yet, John KATAGI!”
 KATAGI prepares to fight.
 Suddenly, the bell rings. KATAGI and Mike turn around.
 Garcon stands in front of the bell.
Garcon: "That's enough, you two!”

26 Locker Room
 Mike is changing his clothes. Garçon comes to his side.
Garcon:"Why did you act like that? Mike. What's up with that?”
 Mike, ignoring him, changes his clothes.
(Slaping the locker) Garçon: "Hey! Do you hear me, Mike?”
 Mike, quickly walking out of the room.

27 around Locker room exit.   
 Mike stares at his right hand, which is shaking.
Mike: "That guy … … Katagi,..... From where in his body did he get that kind of power? Is that Asian mystery?”

28 At the foot of Chao Phraya Park (evening)  
 A businessman (NAME:ZANZE) wearing glasses is smoking a cigarette, looking down.
(After a while,) a voice says,: "ZANZE!”
 The businessman turns around.
 A large man with a full hood is approaching.
His face is not seen even a bit, covered by a deep dark shadow...
The big man says,: "How are you doing? ZANZE?”
Businessman (ZANZE): "Not too bad. How about you, KONG?”
A large-man (KONG): "The bars and clubs these days are full of classy couples. Very classy. There's no one with balls to cause troubles...”
ZANZE: " Hmm......We need some violence, huh?”
KONG: "Hmm,... looking like you haven't slept in days?”
ZANZE: "I'm happy with my life right now. I have a wife, and my biz is going well.”
KONG: "Well,... here is the nex list. You need this?”
ZANZE: "Let me see it.”
 ZANZE receives the printout.
KONG: "But you know, ...... two of the fine cops have started working on our case.”
ZANZE: "It's useless. There's no proof.”
KONG: "Well,... this time we need to prepare. The cop from Japan taught the Bangkok police what our signs mean. It might lead them to us ..........”
ZANZE: "They'll never trace us. I feel it”
KONG: "Well, we'll have to be careful. OK?”
ZANZE: "By the way, where's... DAITO?”
KONG, with an annoyed look on his face...
KONG "That kid's been going to that place every day."
ZANZE "ha.. No one can beat it, can you?”

29 Police Station (indoor, night)   
 Katagi, who had been slumped over the desk, wakes up...
KATAGI: "Uhhhh!”   
 His drool drips down on the case document he was looking at.   
 Garcon is at the desk next to him, working on his computer.
Garcon: "John, are you OK?”
KATAGI: "Sorry. I had a bad dream...”

30 Police Station (exterior, night)   
 A shooting star appears in the sky above the police station.
Garcon (voice only) "John, maybe you're tired. Very. Yeah. It is natural. You've just arrived in the Bangkok Bay Area, and now you have heard about the devilish murder...no wonder. You should go home for tonight. Ok?”
JOHN KATAGI (voice only) "Yeah. I will...”
GARCON (voice only) "Don't mind. John. It's a normal thing. You may still have some Jet Lag. This is a kind of heavy duty, … yeah. Sleep well tonight.”
KATAGI (voice only) "I'll be better tomorrow... Goodbye.”
GARCON (voice only) "Good night.”   
 In front of the station, a cat is eating something from a trash.
Katagi comes out of the station building.

31 Indian restaurant (exterior, night)   
 KATAGI stops in front of the restaurant.
KATAGI: "Hmm. Looking nice. Must-eat”  
 KATAGI enters the restaurant.

32 Indian restaurant (interior, night)   
 The owner of the restaurant turns around and KATAGI sits down at a table.   
(Glancing at the stand menu on the table,) Katagi: "Chicken curry and naan, please.”
The owner says, : "Yes, sir.”  
 As he sits at the table, KATAGI looks around at the wall. On the wall, there are paintings of gods of ancient Indian religions, & the figure of Buddha, and mandalas...

KATAGI: "Oh, ・・・”
The owner (while cooking): "Like those?”
KATAGI: "Well..I studied art before becoming a cop. I didn't have the talent in that field. But loving to see. Those're creative.”
 The owner-cook brings curry.
The owner says, : "Here you go.”   
 KATAGI eats.

33 Streets at the foot of Chao Phraya (night)   
KATAGI hurries home alone.
There is no sign of people around.   
KATAGI sneezes a few times.
KATAGI: "Maybe I'm tired, or maybe I caught a cold a bit...”   
A red laser beam (canon target) catches KATAGI's forehead.  
KATAGI is in the target circle perfectly.   
KATAGI sneezes. (in sudden)
KATAGI: "Haakush! AAA-CHUU!”  
 KATAGI sneezes loudly and leans forward in the big move.
A gunshot : "BANG!!!”   
 The bullet passes over the bent-over KATAGI and hits the pole behind KATAGI. Sparks fly.         
KATAGI turns his eyes to the pole behind,
and looks forward again. Another red laser beam on the forehead.     
KATAGI quickly moves into behind a car parked on the road side.

34 Shadow of the car (outside, night)
A gunshot sounded.   
A bullet strikes the car, and sparks fly!  
Katagi stays in the shadow of the car.
KATAGI: "Damn it! Who is it? WHO!?
 KATAGI tries to get out from the shadow.

The sound of gunfire : "BANG!!"
 KATAGI rushes back to the shadow of the car. KATAGI falls down.
KATAGI: "ouch!”   
 In the darkness, KATAGI pulls out his gun from his coat.  
 KATAGI fires a few shots. Returning fires. The sounds of gunfires echoes in the dark.
Hiding behind the car, Katagi looks towards the sound of gunfire.  
Someone puts a hand on Katagi's shoulder.
Katagi is surprised, and turns around.  
The person who taps him is Garcon!
Garcon: "You're in a bad situation.”
KATAGI: "It's a bad situation, seriously.”
GARCON: "I heard the sounds of the gunshots from that corner, and I came here. John, it is good to say. I saved your life!”
KATAGI "What?”
Garcon: "Because I'm here.”
Sound(More gunfire.) : "BANG!”
Sparks fly between KATAGI and GARCON.
KATAGI: "It's not a joke time, Garcon. This is too dangerous.”   
 KATAGI fires a few more shots in the direction of the enemy's gunfire.   
 KATAGI fires some more again. Sparks fly.
Garcon: "Your gun skills are quite bad. Very bad”
(Garcon says this and he pulls his gun out of his coat.)
Garcon gets out of the shadow of the car a bit, and fires a one shot. A sound of the fire!
A shout in the distance, ; "Aaah!”   
 KATAGI got amazed.
KATAGI: "That's right, yeah, … Garcon. you were in the world Olympic shooting team...! Natural-born shooter.”
GARCON: "...but, … Katagi,... I lost my skill. Haha. I let him get away. The bullet hit him somewhere in his body, but... he ran.”

35 Street (night)   
 KATAGI and GARCON leave the shadow of the car, and ... approach to the woods, where those gunshots were fired from.   
 KATAGI looks around.
KATAGI: "There's blood here.”
Garcon: "I knew..., he got one shot. But gone away...”
KATAGI: "I got some respect for you, Garcon.  You're not just a middle-aged man. Haha!”  

36 In the car (daytime)
 KATAGI in the passenger seat, GARCON is driving the wheels.
KATAGI: "I couldn't find any Japanese Buddhist temples in the Bay Area.”
GARCON: "Mmm... I see.”
KATAGI: "But I found a suspicious cult settlement from the info of Internet,... It's in a low-density area of the city. It may be a modern version of cult commune. The atmosphere is like a drug addict community. Sometimes, they are taking only the parts of the religion that they like. Some of them are self-sufficient communities......”
Garcon: "Wow!”
KATAGI: "During the so-called BUBBLE period of the Japan economic history, lots of Japanese companies went overseas. At the same time, Japanese Buddhist ideas also entered the countries. But after the high economic period, many Japanese companies left behind the countries. However, some wicked spiritual ideas are still in there. Actually they are not really Buddhist. Let's head to the community.”

37 Big Bridge (exterior, daytime)
 Garcon & KATAGI's car goes over the bridge to the community zone.

@@@@ @@@@ @@@@ @@@@ @@@@ @@@@ @@@@
38 Path (outside)  
 Through woods, the car of KATAGI and GARCON goes down a hill.

39 Community zone (entrance, noon)   
 Large signboard.   A large sign: BODISAWA-COM.   
 The two men get out of the car.   
 LADY S (woman) approaches them.
Woman: "Can I help you?”
Garcon: "Yes, please. I need your time.”
 Katagi&Garcon're introduced to the community by she (Lady S).

40 The community field (outside, daytime)
 Mainly, KATAGI converses with the Lady S, and GARCON follows him.
 There are men running around in only their bathing suits...
Lady S says, : "As you can see, the members of our community lead a regular life day and night. Every morning we wake up at five o'clock and start our day with ZEN.”
Men in bathing suits: "Oichi-ni, oichi-ni! (one two one two in JPN language)” / (Garcon, looking at them strangely.)
The Lady S said, : "Our community helps people be recovered from various addictions.”
(Turning his face to LADY S,) Garcon: "Well,... I want the list of your community members.”
(With a surprised-face) LADY-S: "I can't give personal info.”
Garcon: "Mmm... Yeah, I understand your position... but, directly saying, ...some of the members of this community may be involved in a series of unusual murders. You must know that... it's currently occurring in this big city...”
LADY-S: "Well!! … there is no such thing at all!”

41 Commune House (interior)
 KATAGI and GARCON are sitting on the carpet.
 LADY-S (actually the name is never called in the movie) comes in with cups of tea. Garçon starts to tell a story.
Garçon: "This is the chronological sheet of the date and time of the murder. We need to clarify the alibis of the community members here...”
 The woman leaves the room with the sheet-documents Garcon gave.
KATAGI: "What do you think? Is she checking the members' alibis properly?”
Garcon: "I can't say for sure, but I don't think she knows well about this commune's main act. For no reason, but she seems to love this group deeply. It might be her life … for no reason.”

Katagi notices something.
He looks at the small window of the room.
From the window, a young woman is looking at Garcon & Katagi.
Katagi walks near to the window.

KATAGI: "Who are you?”
The young woman says, : "We're all going to die and be saved... BODISAWA is going to save us."
KATAGI : "What are you talking about? Wait!”
 The woman runs off, laughing hysterically.
KATAGI: "What the hell is that?”
 The front door opens and LADY-S returns.
LADY-S says, ; "Thank you for waiting. I checked the general schedule of all the members. There were no problems at all.
But one guy's action was bit strange...”
Garcon: "How?”
LADY-S said, : "He hasn't been back to his room in this facility for the past two weeks.”
Garcon: "What?”
(Saying seriously,)LADY-S: "He's a very nice person and I do not think he got involved in any of your cases!”
Garcon: "We need to know every information. OK? This is a serial murder case. Murders.....! OK? There could be more victims.”
(After a moment,)The woman said, : " Okay......... He,...
He used to go to work from the room in this commune. So, he has a work-place in the city centre. Why don't you go there? You'll find something there.”
GARCON: "Cop'nker. (Thank you in Thai)"
KATAGI:"Um,I just saw a young woman with her hair all messed up..” LADY-S: "LOLA, right? Her name. She is LOLA … … … She got some mental problems... but she's getting better since she came here. We do medication here. But ........... ever since that incident, she's been saying some crazy things.”
Katagi: "That incident?”
LADY-S: "Well..., it was a strange story. She told me it.
One day, those male trainees were floating in the sky ........
I feel it was just a daydream...
Mmmm..., Please, … please leave when you're done, Misters. Sorry,but,
...We're busy.”
KATAGI is looking at the LADY-S' eyes deeply.
Garcon: "Enough. We're done for today.”
KATAGI pauses for a moment, looking thoughtful.
Then, the two leave the building.
KATAGI: "Well, that girl..., Lola..., The lady said she's taking medication now...”
Garcon: "Hey, let's go.”
42 OFFICE (Hyper BK Company BLDG.)
Garcon is asking questions to the head of the company.
KATAGI is next to him.
The man says, ; "Hum... I'm not sure about it. I can't say no more. I cannot tell you Ian's address. You know it. It is a personal info. And,he doesn't come here anymore. What did he do?” Garcon: "Well,... we are from the police. You should give me some information about this. It is related to The murders that have been happening in this city.”
The man said, ; "Oh no! He's the killer?  He doesn't look like that at all. He was very nice, quiet, and ... well, he was a good guy to me.”
The man gives Katagi a flirtatious look.
Katagi got his eyes wide open with a surprised look.
Katagi hurried to leave there.

43 Outside a cheap apartment in District B (noon)
 With a noisy sound, a car comes into there with a hurry stop.
Garçon's voice; "This is where that Ian's living in. … hum,... well you noticed? That man,... That guy liked you, John. Ha!”
 After pull into the parking lot, KATAGI and GARCON get out.
KATAGI: "But … well … I'm straight.”
Garcon: "Hmm.”
 KATAGI and GARCON are waiting for Ian's return.
 KATAGI, coffee in hand.(looking at the door of the apartment)
 Garcon continues to eat ice cream...

 A strong wind continues to blow.
(Annoyed,) KATAGI: "He's not coming back!"
GARCON: "Well, … wait. If Ian's not coming back here, where is he going? Patience. Patience. OK?"
KATAGI: "I go crazy if I do not move!”
GARCON: "What's wrong with you? Calm down.”
 Silence for a while.
KATAGI "You saw that girl, didn't you?”
GARCON "What?”
KATAGI: "The girl... The girl who talked to us in that commune, she was saying some strange things. Her eyes reminds me of the eyes of my girlfriend."
GARCON: "...”
KATAGI: "My girlfriend was getting some medication.
She's talking about her feeling always. She says this world is going crazy. I do not know what I reply for her feeling.”
Garcon: "...”
KATAGI: "This world is crazy, … yes, sometimes I feel it is.”
Garcon: "Even if the world is crazy, we're just doing what we have to do. It is true that we all have the seeds of sin in us, but we must not cultivate them. And,... as policemen, we're the watchdogs of the human society."
KATAGI: "Hey, Garcon, huh! Well, ...you're just an opportunist!!
Garcon: "Mmm. Maybe, you're getting tired... Yeah,..you're tired. Today, you go home. It is the better way for now...”
Katagi turns away and leaves.   

Time passes for a while. A while after.
Suddenly, a tall white man is seen with his hand on the front door of the apartment.
Garcon hurries up to him.   
The tall white man, putting his hand on the front door-knob, tries to open it.
Garcon: "Ian? Are you Ian, right?”   
 Ian turns around.
Garcon: "I am from Bay Area Police. I'd like to ask you a few questions. Can you make some time for them?"   
Ian: "What do you,police-men want from me?"
Garçon: "I'd like to ask you some questions about incidents, which are happening in this huge city.”  
Ian: "...I don't think I can tell you anything that will help you , the police.”
Garcon: "OK. I went to the BODISAWA COMMUNE, BODI.COM. , you know”
 Ian's facial-expression changes. Unnatural eyeballs movements.
Garcon: "This's not an official investigation.
But I expect you might be able to tell me something related to this case."   
 Ian, ...silent for a moment.
Ian: "...Would you like to have a nice drink?”
Garçon: "What?”   
Ian: "I think we're both tired. I know a good place. Detective, how about a drink?”      
 Ian's eyes, crystal clear.
Garcon: "All right."

44 Chinatown, Neon District (night)   
 The neon lights in the nite-city...
Ian: "What do you think, Detective? The atmosphere around here."
Garcon: "It reminds me of my young-adult days. In my early 20s. It's a distant memory now.  Before I became a cop. Back then, I was an Olympian and they gave me a scholarship to college. The money I made from my part-time job went to be paid for all the fun around here."
Ian: "Huh. It was before becoming a cop..."
Garcon: "At first, I didn't want to be a cop.  But when the FBI saw me at the Olympics, they came to recruit me into their group. 'Cos I got the gold medal in the shooting event..."
Ian: "That's amazing."
Garçon: "I got the shooting talent from God. I was the natural-born. I won the gold medal with very little effort."
Ian "Huh."
Garcon: "But I made a big big mistake in the work...,woman. Yeah,...woman. I was part of an FBI operation, and I leaked some inside information to a woman I met in a bar. She was actually a female spy from smugglers....."
Ian: "And?"
Garcon: "The operation got fail. I was expelled from the section."

Garcon: "I've been working hard since then. The only thing I could do was shooting. I had to relearn the basics of the crime-investigation techniques. Seven years later from then, I received a merit award from the mayor. But..."
Ian: "But?"                       
Garcon: "My wife left me. I was working too hard... I did not even have the time to talk with my wife and kid..."
Ian: "So now you're..."
Garcon: "Yap. I live alone."   
 The two walk down the street at night, talking.

45 BODISAWA CAFE (exterior, night) The sign of BODISAWA CAFE.
Ian: "This is it."
Garson: "BODISAWA... Oh,my... Bodisawa,again,.... It's crazy. BODISAWA, BODISAWA … everywhere I go … I see BODISAWA... CRAZY.” Ian : "BODISAWA is a transcendent being beyond human in the ancient Indian legend … … … Anyways, It's a fancy bar.”

46 BODISAWA Cafe (indoor, night)   
 Inside the café, there is a lot of Indian art.
Ian: "That's it. That's the BODISAWA!”   
Ian points to a large painting on the wall.   
In The painting, there you see a golden-skinned woman floating in the sky on a cloud.
Garcon: "Fantasy...?” 
Ian: "Hmmm...”
Female voice: "Oh my! Ian! Welcome.”   
 A sexy-dressed woman walks towards the two.
Ian: "Madame Bodisawa... She is M.Bodisawa.”
Garçon: "Madame Bodisawa?”
Ian: "Yes, that's right. This lady, Madam BODISAWA's the owner and manager of this place.”
Garçon "Nice to meet you.”
Madame BODISAWA: "Nice to meet you too.”
Garcon smiles.
Madame Bodisawa : "Ian, is this person your friend?”
Ian: "No, he's not. He's actually a detective.”
Madame Bodisawa: "What?”
Ian: "There have been strange murders in this city recently..., mmm... Don't you see the news on TV, Madam?”
Madame Bodisawa (FROM HERE:MADAM-B): "Oh, I remember... mmm”
Ian: "And this cop is feeling suspicious of me...”
Garçon: "No.., at least, not yet... I just want to ask you some.” Ian: "And you know, it's more fun to talk here, right? That's why I brought you here.”
MADAM-B:"Hmm. Why don't you go into the private room in the back?”

47 Private room
 Garcon and Ian walk in. They sit down on the sofa.
Garcon: "Let's get started. Ian, you belong to that BODISAWA-Commune, right?”
Ian: "Yes.”
Garcon: "In the case of the Bay Area serial killings, the killer left some strange words on the walls of the crime scene, so we hit the commune.”
Ian: "I see.”
Garçon: "I've done some research. You haven't been back to the commune in a while. That's why we've been looking for you. Why?”
Ian: "The commune didn't suit me.”
Garçon: "That's it?”
Ian: "That's it. I am free where I am living, right?”
Garcon: " ・・・・・. We believe there are four killers. We think they're all knowing each other, and having the same crazy philosophy... mad idea... to do killings in the case...”   
 Just then, MADAM-B walked in.
MADAM-B: "How are you two doing? How's it going? I'll buy you your first drink, Cop!”
MADAM-B puts three glasses of red wine on the table in front of the two.
Madam-B: "Can I join you?”   
 Madam-B stares meaningfully at Garçon's face.
Garçon: "I'm interviewing Ian. I don't think he's a criminal, but I need to. I do not mind you join us, Madame. How 'bout U, Ian?”
Ian: "I'll tell you everything I know. MADAM, you can stay here too. I don't mind.”  
 Garcon is looking at the watch on Ian.
Garçon: "You have a nice watch.”
Ian: "Yes.”   
 Ian has a cool red watch.
Garcon: "I have the same one. I am not wearing it today, though. But I'm sure it's a nice piece!”
 Madam-B sits down next to Garçon.
Madam-B: "I don't enjoy discussing watches! Let's talk about something else, Garçon. Are you married, Garcon?”
 Madam-B says so, and puts her hand on Garçon's leg.
Garçon: "My wife left me.”
Madam-B, ; "Then you must be lonely...?”
Ian:"It's kind of like hearing U today,isn't it, Monsieur Garçon?”   
Madam-B stares into Garson's eyes.
Madam-B:"I'm not married, either.”
Ian: "Madame, ...you like Mr Garçon, hum? ok.. I'm leaving.”     
Ian leaves.
Garçon: "Oh, come on.”
Madam-B: "It's fine.”
Garçon: "Mmmm...”
Madam-B:"Would U like to go drink at my apartment tonight after?”
Garçon: "・・・・”
Madam-B: "Or, .. You'll be alone when you get home, right?”
Garçon: "Well... ok.”

48 In the cab (at night)   
 Madam-B and Garçon are on in the back seat.

49 In front of Madam-B's apartment house(outside, night)   
 The cab stops.  Madam-B and Garçon get out.
Madam-B: "Here we are.”
Garçon: "I don't know if it's okay to come to the house of a woman I just met for the first time today...”
Madam-B "Hmm" (laugh)
 They go into the apartment.

50 Inside the apartment house room(night)
The light got turned on, and Garcon and Madam-B enter.   
Madam-B opens her refrigerator and brings out a beer can of it.
Madam-B: "I have some Heineken. It's ok?”
Garçon drinks.
Madam-B: "I'm going to take a shower.”
 Garçon turns on the TV. It's a cartoon. He watches it a while.
Sound ; door opening sound   
 Garçon turns around.   
 Madam-B comes out of the shower room, naked.
 She walks towards Garson closer.  
Madame: "I am BODISAWA. I will take you to my paradise...”   
 Madam-B's nude skin turns gold-color.   
 Then, Madam-B floats in the air.
Garçon:"What? What is it? Is it because of the beer I just had?”   
Countless hands sprout from Madame's back.
Garçon: "Beautiful ・・・・”
Madam-B: "ho-ho-ho ・・・・”   
 Garçon is wrapped up in Madam-B's countless hands.
 He is feeling very very good.

51 Police station (inside, morning)
 Garçon arrives at work. A smiling face.
 He is walking down the hallway in the station.
 Mike and Katagi (John) are coming from the front.   
 Mike's leg is wrapped in a bandage.
Garcon: "Good morning, Mike, John.”  
 Garçon looks at Mike's leg for a while.
Garcon: "Mike, what's wrong with your leg?”
KATAGI:"He'd got injured while doing surfin', he said.”
Garcon:"Mike, be careful,ok? You're an important in our team.”
Mike sees up at the space... a bit.
Mike: "Well...”
Garcon: "Well, ... let's have a good day! (Claps Mike on the shoulder and leaves.)”
KATAGI and Mike look at Garcon's face deeply.
KATAGI: "Hey, Garcon, you're in a good mood this morning. Got a girlfriend?”
Mike: "Really. You're smiling, which is rare. Having some drugs, ..oh, sorry, I'm joking.”
 KATAGI, loudly, (to GARSON).....,(says)
KATAGI: "We're on our way to get some wake-up coffee. Garçon, do you need anything?”
GARCON: "Well, … get me some espresso!”   

52 Police Station (Exterior) --- Time lapse (fast forward effect) makes it look like evening at once.

53 Sukhumvit District (evening)
 Katagi is driving down a tree-lined street.
 He looks to be off duty and is dressed in plain clothes.
 He's lookin' beyond the window, thinking about something.
 Suddenly, he has noticed something out there.
KATAGI: "What the hell is that?”
 He sees a strange boy in his sight from his car. A young Asian man with long hair is swinging a wooden sword outside a house, showing the serious face.
 KATAGI pulls his car to the side of the young man (TETSUO).
After getting out of the car, Katagi walks to the young man.  
 The young man does not look at Katagi. Just continues to swing the wooden sword again and again.
KATAGI: "You're Japanese, aren't you?”  
The young man stops swinging the wooden sword.  

54 In the car  
 KATAGI is driving his car and the young man TETSUO's sitting in the passenger seat.  
 The young man's drinking coke without putting his seatbelt.
KATAGI: "Put on your seatbelt! What's your name again?”
The young man:"TETSUO! It's a common name. There're many Tetsuo!”
KATAGI: "Hahaha! That's right.”
TETSUO laughs without hesitation; “HAHAHAHA”

55 KATAGI's short-stay apartment (night)  
 Beer cans … … … around the room floor.  
KATAGI: "I was just like you..., when I was studying here as a student. I just think me as a super-power-man just by myself."
TETSUO: "I feel this society is really just full of shit.”
 Just then, TETSUO's cell phone rings.
 TETSUO answers the phone.
TETSUO: "Hey, I got a call. Sorry,... I'm going to the balcony.”
 After a while, TETSUO comes back from the room's balcony.
KATAGI: "A woman? Huh?”
Suddenly Tetsuo gets becoming serious, and says.
TETSUO:"・・・・・This person's really, really important to me. Hhhuuu..”
KATAGI stares at him silently, and puts down his beer...

56 Outside KATAGI's temporary apartment (night)
KATAGI: " I had fun today with you.”
TETSUO: "Me too.”
KATAGI: "Good.”
TETSUO: “You and I are similar in some ways. We'll meet again,ok?”
TETSUO walks into the bar.
Madam-B was working at the bar counter. Sees Tetsuo.
Madam-B: "You're late!”
TETSUO goes to the hidden room of the underground bar.
“Room of the Five Spirits” ..., this seems the name of the secret room. The room name sign hangs on the above wall of the door.
The five persons of them gather together in the room.
*BODISAWA... a sexy madame
*CONG... or KONG,big blackman(when taking off the hood,it's Mike)
*ZANZE... a white businessman, also a brain person(+Jet-pilot)
*NDALI... a mechanic.(He's also the other brain) A racer too.
When NDALI pushed the switch on his hand-machine, his face disappeared into the block-digital-hologram-noises, and IAN's face appeared. Ian was a killer! But, he is covering and hiding his real face under the high-tech digital hologram, which he made!
*DAIT... or Daito, the sword-user.
・・・・ TETSUO's called by this killer name DAIT.
NDALI: “ Hey, ・・・ TETSUO, ・・・・・・ oh, sorry, ・・・ DAITO !! ”
DAITO: "Hmm.”
NDALI: "You're a jerk. Today, U look very very jerk jerk!!
DAITO: "ok. Ndali. You look fine. Yeeah! Well,... it is good for you,... you can spend your time playing in your studio with your mechanicals or toys. Also, you are taking part in the car-racing!! You have many to do! I envy you! Ndali.”
KONG: "(Looking at NDALI&DAIT,) DAITO! Don't say like that to Ndali. NDALI is our brain..., well he's a control freak, though.”
BODISAWA begins to talk.
BODISAWA: "Get along. All of you're my four spirits."

58 Scraper's Shadow
 A lonely way. There a SHAOLIN training centre, is by the side, but now it is closed... Dark around here...
 A middle-aged man leaves a big building and walks home.
The man sings: "I worked hard today, I worked hard...”
The man is walking.
AND, a homeless with a full hood is sitting on the side way, thru which, the man's walking...
The homeless-looking person is sitting on a wood poor chair.
A cup in his hand.
The homeless: "Please give me some coins, sir, sir.”

The mid-aged man ignores the homeless and keeps walking.  CH5
Close-up of the homeless man. But, his face is not visible because he is wearing a full hood.

59 Parking lot (night)
 It is dark around here, but some lights are on.
 A car is illuminated by a light.
 From the entrance of the lot, the middle-aged man walks in, whistling.
 He comes to the front of his car, and opens the door.
 As he's about to enter the car, he suddenly looks aside...!
 That homeless man is right beside!! The middle-aged man got surprised!
The homeless man:"Sir, sir, please take care of me...”
Really looking Surprised, but trying to be normal, the man said.
MAN : "・・・・・ How much is that・・・・・?"
 The homeless man's mouth seems smiling.
HOMELESS : "About $2 million, please."
MAN : "Hey! Don't be silly!"
 The man ignores the homeless, then, and roughly closes the car-door just in front of the homeless.

60 inside the car
Man: "Bastard! Basterd! Basterd!"
 Suddenly, then, a huge hand breaks the car's window, and comes to inside with its highest power through the broken window.

61 The Parking lot (NIGHT)
 The mid-aged man is pulled out of the window before he can scream.
 The homeless man is right in front of MAN. (MAN is still, injured)
 Then, The MAN crawls on the ground.
 The homeless man, then, stands up, and he seems a very big big guy.
 The homeless man takes off his full hood. It's Mike! (KONG)
 The mid-aged man tries to stand up for runaway.
 KONG grabs him by his one hand, and brings the man up to his eye level.
 The man's legs are in the air. (not touching the ground...!)
 Then KONG throws the middle-aged man. The man got blown-away 'bout 10M.
The man "Aah! AHH!”
KONG comes closer again to the MAN.
KONG lifts the man's body into the air with only one hand again!!
The man is upside down.
The man : "Stop, stop, stop...”
KONG the homeless slams the mid-age man to the ground.
The man, dead : "Gah!”
The man stops moving.
KONG smiles insane...
KONG writes blood letters on the ground of the man's side, "Tenchu, and Akunin-Shoki"・・・・・・・・・・THEN, he finishes writing and stands up.
KONG (Mike) "Well, I've done my job." (He leaves.)

62 Street of the commune area (night)   
 KATAGI and GARCON are walking.
KATAGI: "After all, let's get the federal-official investigation permit to get into that commune.”
GARCON: "Yeah, there's something demonic in there that we can't see on the surface...”
Sound of something falling just behind them, to right next to them!           
Garcon looks behind.
Garcon: "This is bad! A hand grenade,fallen behind!”
The safety pin has been removed.
Garcon: "Run at full speed!”   
 KATAGI and GARCON move forward at full speed!  
 A huge explosion behind them. Two cars parked on the street are blown away. The Two fall to the ground.   
The two get up.
A gunshot. (SOUND) Then, sparks appear just in front of Garçon.
Garçon: "It's him! The one who was trying to kill you that nite, John!
From where is he shooting? God!”   
KATAGI looks around.
KATAGI: "Right there!”   
A figure … far at the edge of the bridge.   
Garcon holds up his gun. And, fires.
Screaming: "Ahh...!!!"   
The figure falls from the bridge.
GARCON: "Down there, it's super bad stream, bad bad water no one can swim..., It'll be impossible to see his dead body right away.
But now one of the four killers is gone...”  
 A police car arrives with sirens sound loud.   
The police car speaker: "What's going on?”
Garcon: "We're the cops! We'll take your questions, surely!  Yes,we'll take your questions, but you have to wait until tomorrow, please. I'm now confused for these troubles... Can't organize things right now.
I don't think I'm going to be able to talk to you properly NOW.” 

63 Police Station (Exterior, Morning)
Garcon: "... we were attacked twice. This might be 'cause we're involved in the investigation of that case. Both times, KATAGI was targeted.”
Questioner's voice: "So you think we should send back Mr Katagi to Japan...?"

64 Questioning room in the police station (interior)
Garcon: "No, we need him to investigate this murder case.  And he is the man of the passion. I do not think he leave in the middle of a case.  There's something crazy with this case... We need Katagi. If Katagi asks you to do anything, please do everything you can to help him."   
Just then, another cop walks in.
THE COP : " Detective Garcon!  Another freak murder has happened!
Tenchu and Akunin-Shoki were on the scene again! ”
Garcon: "What? Hey, hey! What did you say!? God! Holy man,... we need more men...! mmm... yeah, Mike, ...get Mike. Get Mike here. NOW!” 
Cop: "Mike did not appear today yet. He told nothing about his absence.”
Garcon:"What the fuck! What the hell do YOU guys think cops' missions?!

65 KATAGI's temporary room (indoor, morning)   
KATAGI is lying on bed. Sleeping badly.   
The telephone bell rings beside his bed.
He sleepily picks up the receiver.

Garcon's voice (through the phone): "John, this is not good.  It's too bad. Again! YES, we got another murder! ...That freak murder again!!  
We must arrest the killers, and finish the case!!
Katagi: "OK. I'll be at the station right away. So, meet me there.”
Garcon: "Sure. I'll meet you outside of the station today.  Let's meet at the Starbucks Cafe very near to the Sukhumvit station.  The basis of the investigation is interviews. Right? The basic principle of any investigation is to ask questions. Yes. When you put the whole info-pieces together, you will get results, … the truth. Anyways, today we'll go to any place that we can get to, and we'll ask around 'bout BODISAWA.”   

66 Cafe at Sukhumvit  
Garcon and Katagi are seated face to face.
Garcon: "This city, as you know, has a multilayered network of oversea cultures. All are linked together... This's that kind of city here. I love this city because of those links between different cultures... But there're such people who try to use those links as the breeding ground for evil crimes.”
KATAGI: "Yeah. We must get'em. They should be in prison, right?”
Garcon: "That's right. Today, now we split up. And investigate both of the city sides!”
KATAGI "OK. Alright."

67 Cafe (outside)
 The two of them leave the cafe, wave to each other, and split off in different directions..........

68 The main gate of Chinatown (outside)
KATAGI's looking at his notes of the interview list. The list is huge.
KATAGI: "Yes, such deep investigations're very important for our work.”

69 The Footages of KATAGI's research & investigations (around noon)
(From here, background musics of some rock musics start...)   
KATAGI asks people in the area's various stores. (many cuts)    
They are the Chinese restaurant, Indian goods stores, the Thai-style massage parlor, and Sushi restaurants.....    
 Also, the Vietnamese supermarket, Karaoke pubs, Pakistani restaurants, the Asian culture bookstore..........
Katagi is concentrating on listening to them, people there.   

70 The Store of the culture of India   
 Meanwhile, Garcon is asking some questions to an Indian man in a masala-style tapestry shop.   
 The interior is decorated like a room of the ancient Indian style, with posters of the image of the Bodisava inside.   
 Garcon's cell phone rings.   
 Garcon answers his cell phone.
Garcon: "Yes. This is Detective Garcon.”
Madam- Bodhisattva (BODISAWA): (the person calling Garcon): "It's me..”
Garcon: "I'm at work ... I access you later.”
Madame-B:"That's fine. You can't forget the last time you saw me,right?”  
 Garçon, looking at a beautiful poster of an imaginary Bodisava. And, he scratches his head.

71 In front of Madame B's apartment (mid-afternoon)
Garçon appears.
Garcon: "Ugh... I'm here.... well well ….”
Garcon puts his one hand on his own face.
Garcon: “... I have come to her apartment..., again. I'm crazy about MADAM-B... I know it is not good. I am a policeman. I need to control myself... But I can't. Maybe I've been single too long...?”   
Garcon's cell phone rings!
Garcon: "SHIT!”
Garçon switches off his cell phone.

72 Street
 KATAGI's cell phone rings. He answers.
KATAGI: "What? Mike's body was found in the Chao Phraya River!? 
So that means that the attacker was Mike?! Right? Was Mike an enemy from the beginning?”
Katagi looks up the sky there...
KATAGI: “.....there was the day when Mike was at the station late at night. He said that he had come to pick up something he had forgotten... At that time, Mike was facing backwards, trying to leave the room..... Oh,my! That was unnatural!  He was spying on both of us! And he was just leaving!!"
Katagi puts his one finger on his forehead.
KATAGI: “On that night, ... I didn't notice it. I should have been more careful about our surroundings!”
(Flashback; Mike ... caught in the bucket in the dark at P.Station)
KATAGI: “Yeah, it was weird that I saw Mike's back when he held up. So, now I know... that meant he was on his way to leave the front of the room where we'd been. Well..., I'm foolish foolish foolish!
Mike was listening our talk!! Now he … got shot/drowned.”
・・・・・・・・KONG shot/drowned

73 Madame B's room.   
 Garcon knocks on the door.   
 The door opens.   
 There is Madame B, naked.
Madame B: "Oh, Detective Garçon, your red watch today is the same as Ian's......hmm....”   
 Madame B, closes the door.   
 Madame's kiss.   
 Madame B's countless hands hold Garçon.   
 Garçon smiles.
Madame B: "Mr. Garçon... One of my servants disappeared last night. Can you take his place...? Mmm-hmm.”
Garçon: "I'm going to offer myself to you...”  
Madame B: "You are mine. Ho-ho-ho. You're mine...”
Trip video, bursting...(Garcon's mind image visuals)

74 In front of Madame B's apartment.   
 Garcon comes out.
Garcon: "Damn, what happened to me?  I've never lost control like this before..."
 Flashback; the fantasticly-changed Madame B. The beautiful image...
Madame B (voice):"You are mine,Garcon. You're mine. You move at my will.”

75 DON BOSCO Thai Catholic Church
 Garcon, praying.
 A human-like figure approaches to him... (an angel?)
Garcon (looking at the figure), "・・・Hmm.Mmm.”
The human-like, Angel-like figure says: "Garcon..., You are now captured by the demon. Seize wisdom and Hold on to the teachings of the Bible, and don't forget them."
THEN, the bell tower of the church rings.
Garçon looks at the bell tower. THEN, When Garcon looks back at the mysterious human-figure, "he" is no longer visible..........
Garcon: "Was that an Angel...?”

76 Police Station (night)   
KATAGI is at his desk. KATAGI gets his face up to the big clock.
KATAGI: "Where the hell is Garcon?  OH, MY...! mmm...I'll take a nap...”
KATAGI covers himself with the blanket on the room's sofa.

77 Pool Bar
The sound of billiards echoes in the air.
Garcon and KATAGI are talking while playing 8-ball.
KATAGI: "Garcon, ... do you know anything about BODISAWA?”
(With a bit-panic facial exp.)GARCON:"Yeah,well... I've heard that ... in that neighborhood...”

78 In front of Bodisawa's apartment
 Garcon and Katagi're on a stakeout.
 The two of them're in a parked car.
(In a plainclothes detective car.)

Garcon: "That window, that window with the red curtains....!  
That's Bodisawa's room. But John, … you think the woman who calls herself Bodhisattva is a deeply-related person for this case? eh … ?”
Katagi: "Mmmm. It's my imagination...
I was drawing a picture of this case … YES. I got it from the interviews I did. An Asian woman who calls herself Bodhisattva(BODISAWA) is in that zone. Or, some say MADAM-B. She is known by her bar colleagues for her self-righteousness.
This woman seems to be a wicked user of some drugs & witchcraft.
I think she was mind-controlling four killer men. She must have commanded her men to carry out the murders.
That's what I think happened.”
Garçon: "What? (in a panic) What? You think that's the structure of this crazy case?”

KATAGI: "It's just my thought."
GARCON: "There's no movement today. For now, we get back."

79 Sukhumvit Zone (night) (This 79-80 scene is P.O.V. -
the audience's point of view is the killer's point of view.)   
You see a hand wearing a red watch, holding a gun.
The hand and the gun chase after the victim...   
The victim turns around and rushes away from us(the audience).   
The killer's gun fires. The victim falls down.   
The victim: "Hey, please let me run away... Why are you shooting at me? Oh, yeah..., I did bad things, yeah. I've made a lot of money with my useless diet machines. But why do you have to shoot me? No relation."  
80 From the city-back-street (Night) to the Cape (Shooter's POV)   
On the screen, you see a hand with a red watch pointing a gun at the victim. The gun front is running after the victim back.
Then gradually you will see the Cape.
Victim (to the killer) : "What? What?!  Alrighty, yeah, ...You're that BODISAWA's messenger being who saves people?  Ho!
So, you wanna say like that!
You want to send me to the other side so that bad guys like me can't do any more bad things? And that's supposed to be the salvation of my soul? You have no right to judge me!
your master BODISAWA's insane!!”   
The killer's gun fires.  
The victim, in a panic, slips and falls off into the water.  

81 Black screen
Voice A: "Mr. Mayor! You have come all the way to here...!? HOW COME?”
The mayor's voice: "I heard that you'd got another victim of the freak murder! As the city's mayor, I can't just watch this anymore. Mmm..., Cannot stand any longer! Where is the Expert from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department? With such a great help, why you haven't caught the killer?  I wanna see the expert from Tokyo!”   
From the black screen to : VIEW of the station inside. (Katagi takes off his blanket from his head)

82 Police Station, ...inside the station (morning)
KATAGI: "It's me. I'm really sorry, Mayor.  I'm really sorry. But I've gotten quite important information." (Mayor walks over to Katagi.)
MAYOR: "Tell me."
KATAGI:"In the city's greater zones, there's a commune,..... where people live together,seemingly in some cult way of something of Japanese ideas.”
Mayor is looking at Katagi deeply.
KATAGI: “I have found that out through my interviews. Well, some of their trainings're looking like the Japanese Buddhist ways. But it is not true. The philosophy of the Buddha no longer exists there! It is a group of people who use crazy drugs,and cheat people,and they're killing.
…over-using drugs, changed them to the ones who got some different personalities in one mind. Mmmmm... mmmmm, it is complexed... mmm. Hum.”
KATAGI is putting his palm on his forhead.
KATAGI: “Well,...I mean, if you were in there, you're no longer a unified. You'll be a person who goes back and forth between the separate monster-like personality and the normal. So, It's an evil organization of the evil dimension. Mmmmm, I am not a good explainer... though.”
Mayor: "What do you want me to do?"
KATAGI: "With your full authority, give me the OK to my operation."
MAYOR: "What?”
KATAGI: "We're going in that camp! Yes, it is today! … with our police force of Bangkok.”
At that moment, the phone at the station rings.
Subordinate A picks up the phone.
Subordinate A: "...yeah, I see, I'm kind of in the middle of something..."

 Garcon arrives at work. He is wearing a red watch.
 KATAGI notices the watch and looks at it.
Garcon: "You're kind of busy. Hum..?”
KATAGI: "We're now going into that camp! Alright?”
Garcon: "Okay.”
 KATAGI, GARCON, and another policeman go outside.
 Subordinate A watches them, holding the receiver.
He looks at Garson's red watch...
Subordinate A: "What, what? A red watch? Oh, hey, Detective Garcon!”
 The three men leave, and get into a police car and a heavy truck.
After they got into a police car and a heavy truck, the Subordinate A said, (A) : "They're gone, well, it's probably just a coincidence. 
The victim, who was about to be killed, fell into the river, was swept away, and was saved by a fishing boat.... The killer was wearing a red watch. ・・・・・.”

 Subordinate A thought about it for a while, then poured himself a cup of coffee and has it...,
Subordinate A: "A red watch is a common watch, right? But...but...mmm”
 Subordinate A puts down his coffee and leaves the station with a small milk drink in his hand."
83 Commune of Evil (Exterior, Daytime)
There is a big red tent in the field.
There, a police car appears with sirens.
Followed by a heavy truck.
The cars stop in front of the commune.
Katagi comes out of the police car.
He puts his walkie-talkie near his mouth and says;
KATAGI: "The missing girls are trapped inside this tent. Now, we go in!”
 Armed police come out of a heavy truck.
 The officers enter the tent. KATAGI looks that scene.
(Walkie-talkie in hand) KATAGI: "How's it going?"  
POLICEMAN: "They're here, 20 of them. There are 20 of them. They all seem to be girls who are missing and being searched for. The perpetrator... I can't find him. Anyway, we'll release the girls.”

84 Field 
 Twenty girls come running out of the red tent.
 They run to Katagi.
The girls say, : "Thank you! Thank you!!
 After that, a policeman comes out with TETSUO (DAITO) in handcuffs.
POLICEMAN: “You...,DAITO? Mmm... you might be in prison for 115 years...”
KATAGI : "TE..., TETSUO...! ”
KATAGI, with his tears goin' down the cheeks.....
Garcon: "What's the matter?”
KATAGI: "No, it's okay, it's personal. Let's go.”
 KATAGI and GARCON enter the commune hut. (with guns in hand)

85 Inside the tent
 KATAGI and GARCON enter. Madame-BODISAVA (MADAM-B) is there!
 At that moment, a race car breaks through the wall and enters.
 It's Ian (NDALI) , who is driving the race-car.
 Ian has a red watch on his hand. Then, THE POLICEMAN A comes in.
A: "Red watch! It wasn't Detective Garson, I knew it! Yes, I knew it!”
 The Policeman-A, Quickly throws a hand grenade into the race car.
 The car explodes. ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ NDALI got explosion.
 Madam B , with an expression of anger.
KATAGI: "HOLD your hands up. Do not make pointless resistance.”
 KATAGI's gun is pointed onto the Madame-B.
 Madame-B winks.
 Suddenly, Garçon, who was standing beside Katagi, points his gun onto Katagi!
Garçon:"My body is moving by itself! Some kind of control on to me!!ahh!”
 Garcon's face is covered in sweat.
Garcon: "My fingers! ・・・・ My finger!!..., oh,my finger, it's about to pull the trigger.aahh...!”
Suddenly then, a white milk splash comes down to Garcon's red watch.
The white milk covers the red watch!
Garcon comes back to his senses.
A: "The red watch and the will to kill, …!
THAT was hypnosis, .........
that was witchcraft!!"
86 Field
 The sound of a helicopter propeller...
 In the meantime, Madam-B had jumped onto the jet helicopter piloted by ZANZE. The silver jet helicopter flies up.   
 ZANZE, in the cockpit, smiles from the cockpit.

The trainees with backpack-jets on their backs try to follow the helicopter. The trainees fly away.
Garcon:"That's what the flying demon is! Madam-B and her men were planning their own made Armageddon!!"
The trainees suddenly lose their backpack-powers energy and fall into the sea.
KATAGI:"A split in the crew! Madam-B cut the AI program remotely...!"
The girls:"DO NOT let them get away!"
KATAGI: "SURE! … well well ... BUT, they got that hyper mecha! ...no”   
KATAGI, eyebrows twitching.
KATAGI (on walkie-talkie): "This is KATAGI. ...Chief, get me something that flies. They've got a jet helicopter. They've got such hyper thing!”
Chief (via walkie-talkie): "All right. I'll send out a specially armed VTOL. Wait.”
ZANZE (from cockpit) : "Goodbye!”
 ZANZE's jet helicopter gets away.
 A little while later, with a roar, an armed VTOL appears above Katagi. It lands on his side.
The pilot (Willie Jabberwocky, a black female pilot of the U.S. Army in Thailand) says, : "Mr. KATAGI, get in! I'm Willie Jabberwocky, the pilot."
KATAGI gets into the VTOL.
The girls saved from the commune: "Wow, So cool. MASTER KATAGI. You have to date me sometime! Master Katagi!"
VTOL flies up.  
The two planes chase over BANGKOK.

87 Over BANGKOK (outside, daytime)   
 ZANZE and Madam's jet helicopter goes.   
 KATAGI's VTOL chases after it.   

88 Inside KATAGI's VTOL(daytime)
The pilot stares at the radar.
The shadow in the radar of a plane (heli) is heading south.
KATAGI: "Where are they running to?"
The pilot says, : "It's probably towards the islands... This is the direction to the area."
KATAGI: "I won't let them get away...”   

89 Sky
 A jet helicopter flies at high speed through a wilderness canyon.
 A police VTOL is after it.
 The background is the setting sun.
 The sky is the aurora-like color.   

90 Police VTOL
Pilot: "We're already beyond the jurisdiction of the Bangkok Police.”
KATAGI: "Can't we follow more?”
Pilot: "ok. Let's make a special report this time.”   
 KATAGI and the pilot smile at each other.   

91 Sea (evening)   
 The two planes go out to sea. A high-speed chase!!!
 The GPS on the VTOL console is calculating their position.
 KATAGI points at the GPS and stares at it. The plane will pass through the Gulf of Thailand!

KATAGI: "This course... leads us to...?!
Pilot: "Yeah, they're going to leave Indochina and go to Nepal!”
KATAGI: "We'll be in trouble... Is this a violation of airspace?
Pilot: "mmm... yes... Shall we attack?”
KATAGI: "Wait a minute. First of all, a warning: Stop. If you don't, we'll shoot you down.”
The helicopter ignored the warning.
Combat begins.
VTOL fires.
ZANZE's helicopter easily dodges.

KATAGI: "Those guys are trained in flight simulator games, you know...”
 The helicopter slows down rapidly.
 The VTOL is backed up by the helicopter (passing upward).
KATAGI: "Oh no, it's got our back.”
The helicopter fires a missile. 
VTOL avoids it.

Pilot: "That heli got another missile! We can't outrun it at this distance!"

Comms: "It's Stein. Remote launch!”

The VTOL which TAKAGI and THE PILOT were in, does the dummy ejection, by the remote-control with the mechanic, Thomas Stein's decision.
The enemy's heli-mounted missile gets launched.
The missile has a thermal lock on the main body of the VTOL,
...not the dummy.
The missile caught up with the VTOL main body,
...and made EXPLODE the VTOL body into pieces...!
The helicopter at very high-speed, crashes into the airspace of the VTOL's explosion flames!
ZANZE's helicopter also got exploded・・・ZANZE & MADAM-B died in it.

92 Sea... Near-Sea Surface
 KATAGI and WILLIE are on a buoyancy dummy floating in the near sea.
 The dummy is surrounded by nothing but an expanse of ocean.
 The pilot, Jabberwocky (Willy), is sitting beside .
 KATAGI is at a loss.
KATAGI: "Thank God the cockpit is attached to the dummy...”
 Willie smiles at KATAGI.
WILLIE: "Thomas Stein, did a great design. Thank God he's our mechanic”
 Then she gives a thumbs-up to Katagi.
Willie: "Good-job!”
 KATAGI's face, looking somewhat puzzled.
Willie: "Congratulations, Mr. Katagi, you have passed.”
KATAGI: "Passed...?”
Willie: "John Katagi, you did well, you solved the case, and you rescued twenty girls. We're going to need you. We Recruit U. Welcome to Bangkok Police, officially.”

93 Sunset Town
KATAGI: "Where are their lost souls?"
GARCON: "My parents said the Lord Jesus would go to their lost souls and admonish them."
 Garcon leaves a rosary at Madame's grave.
KATAGI: "DAITO, no, TETSUO, that's me. I came here because I had nowhere else to go in my country in my young days.... Lost in my youth・・・・・”
Garcon: "we'll leave the rest to God...”
KATAGI: "Madam B, ...maybe her environment made her that way too."
Garcon: "Well... maybe."
The two shadows leave into the sunset.

94 A simple residential apartment
(Katagi returned to home) Katagi walks to the door.
Knocks on the door. There is no answer for a while.
He knocks again. The sound of a lock opening.
KATAGI opens the door.
It is dark. A light in the center. There is a woman, half in shadow.
KATAGI smiles at her.
The woman smiles. (KATAGI's GF)  





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